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What we do

We are outsourcing company focused at Microsoft technologies. We are doing:

  • Fast Agile implementation - full cycle.
  • Business Apps Development, Power Apps and Dynamics Apps development from the scratch.
  • Integration with 3rd-party solutions - webstores, e-commerce, partner portals, stand alone CRM and ERP, business process management solutions.
  • Solutions development based on Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Machine Learning - planning, cash-flow, inventory, price optimization etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence - chat bots creation.

How we do


We start each project with a kickoff meeting with all stakeholders to map out architecture, timeline, roles and determine communication frequency. We discuss roles, critical path items, escalation paths, and a general game plan to start the project on the right track.

Dedicated team

For every project, we assemble a dedicated team of experts, who focus exclusively on your project, creating a technology solution.

Client control

For the duration of every project, you become part of our team, and we give you the ability to guide our developers’ work.

Software development process

Our approach ensures a well organized development process, effective quality management, and proactive, clear communication with clients and stakeholders.

Software testing

We engage high-quality employees to guarantee that your application behaves as intended and ensure that making changes doesn’t cause any unexpected side effects.


We follow agile development methodology and we are open to changes and new ideas from your side at any stage of the development.

Dealing with challenges

Our deep professional knowledge and solid expertise allow us to manage complicated projects that require innovative technical solutions.

Knowledge sharing

Every developer on our team is supported by everyone in MSD365 Expert, ensuring that the whole team benefits from decades of experience of problem solving and innovation.